Corporate Cause Challenge – Spring ’19

Kilter Rewards Cause Challenges are month long virtual fitness events. Teams that finish with the highest wellness scores earn donation prizes to charities of their choice! For more info, visit our site or contact us at

Kilter Rewards’ first cause challenge facilitates $1,750 in donations for 3 Madison, WI based non-profits!

I was motivated to join this challenge through Kilter Rewards because Kilter will be donating $1,000 to a charity of the winning team’s choice. And, so far, NeuGen is in the lead! And, if exercising will provide funds to people who need it, I will participate 365 days a year.

— Barb R., NeuGen Health

The Spring ’19 Corporate Cause Challenge was Kilter’s first team-based challenge. We launched cause challenges for three reasons:

  1. To increase employee motivation to exercise more frequently.
  2. To strengthen peer-to-peer relationships.
  3. To support meaningful causes in the communities our customers reside.

In our first corporate cause challenge, Kilter Rewards had 21 corporate teams in the Madison, WI area and 354 employee participants who completed 9,138 fitness activities over a six-week period. See the final leaderboard here.

Kudos to all participants for your hard work! Regardless of whether it was your non-profit that received the donations, your participation helped support meaningful causes in the Madison community (and you got healthier at the same time!).

The results? We were able to facilitate $1,750 in donations to the top three teams chosen causes, who earned the highest wellness scores! Here are your winners:

1st Place: NeuGen Health (29 employees, 3,462 points, 1,004 fitness activities) – $1,000 Donation to Porchlight Madison to support the mission to end homelessness.

2nd Place: Eppstein Uhen Architects (8 employees, 3,275 points, 262 fitness activities) – $500 Donation to Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools to support the mission to serve the 50 schools and 27,000 students in the Madison Metropolitan School District.

3rd Place: Husch Blackwell (7 employees, 2,786 points, 195 fitness activities) – $250 Donation to UW Carbone Cancer Center to support the commitment to cutting-edge research to provide better treatments and cures for cancer.

Our next challenge is the Summer ’19 Corporate Cause Challenge. We have 14 companies competing for $2,800 worth of donation prizes. View the leaders.


HealthX Ventures
Michael Best & Friedrich

Want to sign up for the next one? Contact us.

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