7 Ideas to Keep Employees Active During the Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, your people are starting to wind down, mentally check out, exercise less, go home early, and take shortcuts to get their work done because all they want to do is compare Yelp reviews for the 20 different restaurants people are saying “you gotta go there!” during their holiday vacation. It’s nearly […]

$2,800 Donated to 5 Causes in the Summer Cause Challenge!

Seth Braddock, CEO & Founder. 14 Company Teams and 340 Employees Compete in Kilter Rewards 2019 Summer Cause Challenge! In the 2019 Summer Cause Challenge, Kilter Rewards hosted 14 company teams from Atlanta, GA and Syracuse, NY. 340 total employee participants competed for six weeks to earn the top wellness scores for their teams and […]

Corporate Cause Challenge – Spring ’19

Kilter Rewards Cause Challenges are month long virtual fitness events. Teams that finish with the highest wellness scores earn donation prizes to charities of their choice! For more info, visit our site or contact us at friends@kilterrewards.com. I was motivated to join this challenge through Kilter Rewards because Kilter will be donating $1,000 to a […]